"If You Build It, the Servant Leaders Will Come!"

Inspiration and positive emulation are the main sources of learning and growth. We are all inspired by our role models and should emulate their practices for the betterment of our communities. Nearly all people are inspired by servant leaders like Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dolores Huerta, and Nelson Mandela. That’s why we decided to found the Dehkhoda Educational Foundation and open the International Servant Leaders Museum. With your support, the Museum envisions becoming the first world-class institution of its kind.

Since the grand opening of the Museum on November 18, 2023, we’ve sensed something magical happening. Like the classic Kevin Costner movie, The Field of Dreams, about legendary baseball players which evokes the sentiment that “If you build it, they will come,” we feel that the servant leaders are present in the Museum through their spirit, stories, and artifacts.

The Museum’s collection includes original autographs, manuscripts, portraits, and artwork either by the servant leaders themselves or by people who deeply believe in them. Their inspirational presence is especially felt during the Museum’s public events and educational programs. Visitors often express how inspired they feel.

Since our grand opening, we have been guided by the trust of the distinguished members of our founding international board of directors and community leadership advisory board. Throughout our journey, we have been inspired by you, the generous donors, supporters, visitors, students, and friends of the Foundation and the Museum. Thank you.

Azar and Hamid

Co-Founders of the DehFoundation